The Vision

The vision for Mothers Club International was birthed in a criminal court room.

Unusual place to birth a vision like this right? Not quite. Courtroom is like a stage

where anyone plays their part in the drama except that this drama is real.


A criminal court room gives you snapshot of what is going on in our society, in

homes and in the particular lives of individuals charged with an offence.


The particular offenders that gripped my heart and led to the birth of Mothers

Club are the youths. Each time I see them in court my heart bleeds. Before

sentencing them, enquiries are made into their backgrounds. What sort of homes

do they come from? Who are their parents? Are they still in their lives? With

such enquiries, it often come to light that their parents are no longer together, the

youth is in foster homes because parents have given up on them because they

can no longer cope with their delinquency. There are instances were the youth would have supportive parents and that usually makes a massive difference.


Oh, I see the impact of supportive parenting when parents drop of their children in school, attend their school assemblies, parent evenings and events especially sports.


Then the thought started to brew in my heart what if there is a forum where mothers are appreciated and reminded of the enormous contributions and impact they are having in the lives of their children. How about having a party for them? How about having various categories of awards just to acknowledge their sacrifices and selflessness? How about seminars to educate them on how to bring the best out of their children? How to build better relationships with them? How about praying for them?


As with every vision, you cannot do it alone. I shared the dream with a friend and then we got to work and pulled a team together. And as they say, the rest is history. The team has been growing stronger since.


Mothers Club kicked off with Party for Mums in 2009 and we have been holding this every year a week after Mothering Sunday. It has grown in audience, acceptance and quality.

Founder, Mothers Club International

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