Mothers On Their Knees

This is the annual prayer time when mothers come together to pray for their children. It is usually on the second Saturday of June.

Charles Stanley said prayer is the greatest investment you can ever make. Charles Spurgeon also said prayer is a slender nerve that moves the muscle of the Omnipotence. Wow! great words indeed. These words are the great foundation for mothers on their knees. Mothers come together and seek God’s face for the destinies of their children and overturn the plan and agenda of the enemy over them.











Testimonies abound. Many mothers have testified that mothers on their knees have helped them to develop a continuous and consistent lifestyle of prayer not just for their children but also for their own lives.

Only eternity can tell what impact and difference our prayers would have on the lives of our children. The prayer chart the course of their lives and goes ahead of them into their future. Oh! what a great investment indeed.

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