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The job of a mother in this generation is really challenging. There is so much to contend with and many balls to juggle together. So encouragement is a lifter and a good boost to keep all the balls going without any of them falling. So Party for Mums started to do that.

This occurs every year and precisely the Saturday after Mothering Sunday. It is a night of celebration and appreciation of Mothers. A night simply to say well done to Mothers for all their selflessness, love and dedication to their children and family as a whole. We usually have a custom of parting each other on the back as a g
esture of “well done”. I believe mothers make so much sacrifice that we take for granted. The aim of Party for Mums is to correct that. Our aim for the night is to make sure every mother that attend leaves feeling inspired, encouraged and appreciated.

We take extra care in preparing the venue to ensure the ambience of the place convey the message we are trying to say “You are valued and appreciated”. The food is sumptuous and the tables are laden with good things.

The evening is usually as relaxing as possible so they can let their hair down and truly enjoy themselves for a change. We have many activities to engage them and truly amazing Comperes who coordinate the night to make it truly memorable for them.

Then we have the awards. This is our Big Brother moment where mothers who have been nominated for the awards are caught unaware. We usually ask the person who nominated them to write out what these mothers have done and read it out to inspire other mothers and present them with their plaques. Many are brought to tears as they receive their awards.









We have four categories of awards and these are:

1. Extraordinary Mum - This award is for single mums who singlehandedly raised or are raising their children and had or are having extraordinary results despite every challenge.

2. Super Mum - This award is for married mums who have done or are doing an extraordinary job of raising their children and the results were/are outstanding

3. Heart of Gold - This award is for mothers or mothers' to be that have done or are doing extraordinary job of raising other people's children

4. Golden Granny - This award is for grandmothers who have done an extraordinary job of raising their children and are now raising their grandchildren and other people's children.

This is the moment I know most mothers enjoyed the most. 

We also like to encourage mothers in what they do with our Business Showcase. This start off the night where mothers showcase their businesses. This usually create leads to many more businesses.

Overall, there is no dull moment. It is usually a night to remember.

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